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EMS Airflow in Kingsley

Close up cleaningAre you looking for a more efficient, comfortable way to keep your teeth clean and healthy? Traditional teeth cleaning can be effective, but it can also be time-consuming and leave your mouth feeling sore. At Serene Smiles Perth, we’re pleased to provide patients the latest dental technology to make their visits as pleasant as possible. That’s why we chose to offer EMS Airflow.

What Is It?

EMS Airflow cleaning is an advanced dental technology that uses a combination of air, water, and powder to quickly and effectively remove plaque from your teeth. The machine has two segments: The Airflow, which is the stain removal and polishing powder. With a traditional clean, the dentist would use a paste to polish the teeth, which is not as effective at removing stains. The polish is also quite gritty and stays in the teeth. Conversely, the Airflow powder is much cleaner and much more effective at removing stains, plaque, and bacteria. The ultrasonic component, which is what most dentists will use for the clean. However, this modern method is different in that it has special technology to allow for less sensitivity during the clean.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

EMS Airflow cleaning has several advantages over traditional cleaning. It removes plaque more quickly and efficiently than manual brushing alone—all without causing any irritation or discomfort! The whole experience is much gentler and more comfortable than a traditional clean, as there’s no scraping. Another benefit: the superior stain removal capabilities of the Airflow result in a more aesthetic clean and helps brighten the teeth a bit too.


Who is this type of cleaning best for?

This advanced cleaning method is ideal for patients who get anxious about their cleanings.

Is it uncomfortable?

Not at all! No scraping is involved, so it’s a comfortable way to get your teeth cleaned.

How often would you recommend having a check-up and clean?

Every six months is ideal for most people. For those with gum disease, however, we might need to do a check-up and cleaning every three months.

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