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Fillings in Kingsley

Man talking with dental technician A filling is a type of restoration that repairs and rebuilds teeth damaged by decay. After removing the damaged part of the tooth, the filling seals out bacteria and protects the tooth so that it can function as it should. It’s also one of the most common procedures in the dental office. At Serene Smiles Perth, you can receive a filling in just one visit without feeling any pain.

What Materials Do You Use?

Our dentists use two materials for fillings. One is a composite resin, which is a resin with glass filler particles for strength. If extra strength material is required because the filling is large, we might opt for a ceramic one, which is custom made by the laboratory.

We can discuss the options with the patient in terms of longevity, pros and cons, and costs. It would be up to the patient to decide which one they prefer.

Benefits of Composite Over Amalgam Fillings

While an amalgam restoration lasts a long time, because the tooth has to be prepared to retain the amalgam, we find that the teeth around them suffer. In particular, those teeth tend to crack and cause issues long-term. There’s also the release of mercury associated with placing amalgam fillings. For these reasons, we don’t use this type of material.

In general, composite resins are also a lot more conservative than amalgam fillings. We don’t have to prepare the tooth to a minimum thickness or retentive requirements, because we have modern bonding within the composite resins themselves.


Can you remove amalgam fillings?

Yes, we can do so safely.

Do I need my silver fillings removed?

No, but you may want to. Many people don’t like the look of silver fillings and prefer composites, as they blend in seamlessly with your teeth.

What if I experience bite issues following the procedure?

Sometimes, if you have pain on biting after the procedure, there might just need to be a slight adjustment made. So if you have any concerns, then just always give us a call and the dentist is happy to check with you if you need to come back in to have anything adjusted.

What Can I Expect Afterwards?

Because we remove bacteria when we do a filling, the nerve can be irritated by the bacteria and the procedure so it’s normal to have sensitivity for a few days after the filling. If the filling is really deep, that sensitivity might persist for even longer.

If the decay was extremely close to the nerve, there is a chance that the tooth might need root canal treatment in the near future or even years later. It’s because of that bacteria that was there originally, that may have already initiated an inflammatory response by the nerve. This is why it is really important to not let cavities become too large as they become more complicated to treat. The best way to prevent large fillings is to have regular dental check-ups and to not delay any recommended treatment.

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If you suspect a cavity or have a toothache, you may need a filling. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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