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Our Technology

thrilled at the dentistAt Serene Smiles Perth, we understand that quality care is about more than just the dental treatments we offer. It’s also about the technology that allows our dentists to provide these treatments to enhance patients’ smiles and oral health. We are proud to utilise cutting-edge dental technologies that enhance the accuracy of our diagnoses and the effectiveness of our treatments and improve your comfort and convenience.

Our commitment to utilising the following advanced technology is part of our dedication to providing you with the best dental care possible:

EMS Airflow

You’re not alone if you don’t like having your teeth scraped during a dental cleaning. That’s why we offer EMS Airflow, which provides patients with a gentle yet superior cleaning. This system is ideal for patients who find the traditional scrape and polish experience uncomfortable.

Intraoral Scanner

This 3D scanner allows the dentist to take a digital impression (a much more comfortable experience for the patient and pinpoint accuracy for the dentist to deliver a better outcome), which can be used to help us assess and plan treatment for clear aligners, mouthguards, nightguards, splints, crowns and more.

The Wand

This gentle anaesthetic delivery system minimises discomfort during treatment. With this ground-breaking system, you won’t have to deal with dental anxiety or that dreaded syringe. Instead, you can enjoy a more comfortable dental procedure. Let us know at your appointment or before a procedure that you are anxious about needles and we can look at using the Wand to help ease your anxiety and ensure you have a more comfortable experience.

ZOOM Whitespeed LED

This teeth brightening system delivers superior and consistent results in under 90 minutes. The system’s ability to focus on single teeth that might be more stained than others ensures even whitening across your smile.

OPG X-rays

OPG X-rays provide a 2D panoramic view of the lower and upper jaw. This technology is more comfortable for the patient and exposes them to significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays. It is useful for detecting issues with the positioning of teeth, their growth and development, the jaw, orthodontic assessment and treatment planning, and TMJ assessments.

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